Digital Consulting

It’s time to start seeing analytics and optimization in a whole new light.

Chris Stolz will throw best practices out the window and guide you and your team on the path to true data-driven decision making. You will learn to see your customers for who they are and start optimizing your website for them, and not for what has been done outside of your .com. Brace yourself. This may be your turning point.

Consulting Services

Taking you to the next level.

Conversion Optimization

CRO is not about tricking customers into converting or making your website look like a competitor. It’s about living your own brand, discovering what it is that they are trying to do and removing the roadblocks for them to do it.

Complete Data Strategy

Your data strategy is the core framework on which all of your analytics and subsequent actions will sit. From the design of a robust data layer to smart use of tag management platforms, it is about enhancing and standardizing your data collection methodologies.

Analytics Consulting

Many companies are struggling to have a sound analytics implementation and setup the operations to maintain, report and act on their data. Chris helps take your team out of the “report monkey” phase and into the world of acting on your data.

eCommerce Consulting

So many companies are installing every tool they can find to try to boost sales without any luck. Whether streamlining the experience, tool-set or persuasive elements, Chris helps you design and improve your online shopping experiences to find what’s right for your customers.

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