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Stop hiring speakers who don’t deliver actionable content.

There’s nothing worse than a speaker who delivers 30 minutes of fluff, takes your money and leaves you with nothing actionable. Let’s change that, shall we?

Meet Chris Stolz. Actor, Magician and above-all, a digital marketing guru who has delivered amazing results for some of the biggest brands in the world. Chris is known as an incredibly engaging, powerful speaker with content that you can actually DO something with!

  • Adobe Summit – CRO & buyer committment
  • InboundCon Toronto (3 years running as a top rated speaker)
  • Private engagements for companies Saks 5th Avenue
  • Feel free to search the internet for a negative review. There aren’t any!

Ready to find your staff actually using what they learned the next day?

Popular Presentations

There’s more where these came from – but here are a few of the most popular.


Optimization Advice You'll Actually Use

This is 40 minutes of action-packed material. Chris takes you through his thoughts about CRO “best practices”, teaches you key conversion concepts and then blows you away with some of the most successful optimizations of his career.

Astound Your Audience

It’s time to stop putting out the same boring ads, banners and website copy. Chris unlocks the secrets of successful, attention-getting advertising in this fun, engaging talk. After this presentation, you’ll never show boring content pitching “fast, friendly service” again.

The Conversion System

This talk spans over three main sections. First, Chris takes you through some key CRO concepts. Then, he digs into his big “conversion beefs”, showing you what NOT to do. Finally, you learn the Conversion System, a powerful methodology for discovering, planning and executing effective funnels on your website to lead customers form discovery to purchase.

10 Ways To Make Analytics Actionable

This shorter presentation is typically used to kick off a day of analytics training or consulting, or workshops and panels at conferences. Chris takes you and your team through a series of guiding principles for analytics that keep you from getting stuck in an endless cycle of no-action reporting.

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